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  • Model: Spring Fire SBS Full Edition (tube+SBS)
  • Battery: 18650
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 81mm
  • Weight: 66gr
  • Lenght: 49mm
  • Width: 24mm
  • Construction materials: 7075 aluminium, derlin, acrylic insulating film
  • Other features: constant contact, bottom fire, adjust battery, autoadjust atomiser
  • Cerakote colors: Graphite black is our default color. Of course you can choose any other color you like from the existing pallet and customize it exactly how you want it!!!!!!!

H-146  H-190 H-112 H-148 H-216 H-167

H-141  H-144  H-349 H-168 H-171 H-297

H-240 H-199


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Spring Fire Full Edition (tube + SBS) is our latest creation! We named it so, because of the design of its button. It looks like a spring which is actually a unique fire button!!

It is a “2-in-1” tube and SBS mechanical mod. It transformes  from a tube mech mod into an SBS mod (and vice versa) in a matter of seconds!!! Check out the amazing transformation here!!!

It consists of 8 pieces. Which are :

  • 2 extentions (short & tall): These are actually the parts where your atomiser is screwed on (using the top cap of the 24mm Spring Fire tube). We provide both a short and a tall one, so as to combine them with your different height atomisers  as you please!
  • 1 autoadjust mechanism: it goes inside either extension of your kit and is regulated by the 510 pin height of the atomiser you have chosen to use. Now any atomiser you own will fit perfectly!
  • 1 base plate: It is the base where the extension of your choice is screwed on (included in this product), as well as the 24mm Spring Fire tube ( included in this product)
  • 1 top tube cap, bearing the “Spring Fire” mark as well as its serial number*
  • 1 derlin battery sleeve (which is used for the adjusting of the battery)*
  • 1 Aluminium pin (it is the constant contant point to your battery)*
  • 1 main tube body on which the  spring fire button is incorporated*
  • spare parts (2 x base screws, 1 x acrylic insulating film, 1 x insulating round sticker)

*parts constructing the Spring fire 24mm tube mech mod

Please note that:

  • Its engineering is so cleverly designed so that is really easy to assembly , disassembly and adjust without the use of tools.
  • The large surface of the threads that hold the derlin battery sleeve inside the tube  ensure the elimination of thread damage.
  • Different thread pitches on the topcap and the battery’s adjust sleeve (derlin) will not deregulate your batterys adjustment while screwing the top cap.
  • Bearing in mind the safety of the user, a circular dig inside the top cap ensures the protection of the positive pole of the battery in case of fire without a vaporizer.

Its special features:

  • Spring fire button in a way we have never seen before!!!! Due to the fact that the spring button is incorporated to the tubes body, it offers very high performance giving  (1) the lowest voltage drop you have ever seen as a bottom button mech mod                                                                                                      (2)a smooth highly efficient fire button in its SBS form
  • Easy locking.  One single rotation either of the top cap (in its tube form) or of the tubes body (in its sbs form) is enough so as to “lock” your mech mod. The battery is no longer in contact with your atomiser and the constant contact pin.
  • Effortless Adjust battery. Without the use of any tool, using only your hand and rotating the battery sleeve, you can adjust the battery. Short threads ensure accuracy presicion.
  • Versatile character. This is the product that will allow you to have two different type of mods in one!!!!!!!!  Both a 24mm tube mech mod and an SBS.  You can transform your Spring Fire 24mm tube  into an innovative SBS (and vice versa) in no time!!
  • Endurance. All parts of the product are made of solid  billet material (aluminium 7075) for maximum mechanical strength.
  • Auto – Adjust mechanism. It is very important to point out that the presence of this mechanism in the SBS form only ( !!!) will allow you to use non hybrid safe atomisers. The mechanism can be unscrewed  into its parts so as to  proceed to any cleaning work, without the use of any tool.
  • Elegant design and impeccable ceramic CERAKOTE coating.


Additional information

Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 cm

The weight of the product including packaging is approximately 0,300Kg per item

Shipping & Delivery

For all our mechanical mods since they are 100% handmade and customisable to your likings, we need approximately 7-10 days to produce and ship.

Custom made mods with personalised logos, names, quotes etc. may take longer to produce.

For more information on shipping and delivery info go here.


Further customization of the Spring Fire SBS Full Edition mod is possible!!!!

You can add splatter, your favourite word , phrase or logo. If you need to add anything of the above or share an idea you have with us, please send us an email here to discuss about and find out how much will it cost.
Customization is charged extra depending on the size, number of colors used and complexity of the design.

Cleaning Instructions

For the proper maintenance of your Spring Fire SBS Full Edition mech mod , we suggest the following: You can clean it as often as you want with the use of a mild detergent, such as dish soap. A soft toothbrush would be ideal to reach points surfaces, points of contact, joints and coils. DO NOT USE erasers and Cleaning Wires, or polishing creams! Spring Fire does not present arching phenomena due to the construction material and the configuration of the surfaces at the contact points.


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