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Fully Handmade

This is a really clever 21700 Mech from @cavemanmods Made in Greece & has a very cool side fire switch.

Vaping Bogan, The Vaping Bogan

One of my best mechs. Fell in love with the firing mechanism when first saw it. It’s so light to hold and easy to fire and hits nice and hard. Great work

Jason Ian Dear (JD)

Best quality handmade mods and excellent service! I would recommend to everyone that knows how to play with mech mods

Τρομερό μοντακι χτυπάει σαν τρένο !! Και παρά πολύ καλή κατασκευή !! Τέλεια επικοινωνία με τον κατασκευαστή !!

Nikos Segredos, Your Content Goes Here